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my name is justin.
maker. writer. doer.
human person.
i make these things.


Photo: S. Ian Martin

Conversations exploring the music and art scene of Michiana and beyond!

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Justin Flagel

Freelance Writer.



Event Host.

Community Volunteer.

Chair, Niles Main Street.


Justin has been telling stories his entire life, with over 16 years under the more official umbrella of Red Chuck Productions. He weaves his own tales and seeks out the stories of others to help communicate them to the wider world.


An accomplished writer, he is interested in moving further into the world of filmmaking, seeking opportunities to help others create their vision while learning the skills to expand his own.

Since his earliest days growing up in rural Michigan, he has tapped into the various mediums of communicating drama, emotion, and information, utilizing writing, audio, and video.

As Red Chuck Productions, he has produced two short films, multiple podcasts, and numerous written pieces.

I Make These Things

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