Akureyri, Iceland

By all expectations, I knew that Iceland would be beautiful, but I hadn't expected the variety of terrain that we'd encounter as we drove the island.

Our first drive took us the five and half hours from Reykjavik to Akureyri, we climbed elevation, crossed over (and under) bodies of water, and realized all too quickly that we couldn't stop to gaze at every beautiful location if we wanted to make any progress on the road.

With coffee and breakfast in our bellies, we had mostly recovered from the haze of our flight and my travel instincts were back online, which was good. As we neared a town that looked an awful lot like it was our destination, our car rental GPS assured us that we had to cross a fjord and travel another hour before reaching our lodging.

Initially, I followed the GPS. I figured it knew the country better than I did. But as we made our turn past the fjord, something in my gut told me to stop. We backtracked, stopping at a gas station to first try to figure things on the map before finally going in and asking for directions. The language barriers were pretty heavy here, but luckily, our B&B was part of a distinct set of buildings up on a hill and a photo was all the attendants needed to get us on our way. Sure enough, our lodging was within a few minutes, not the hour drive our GPS insisted we take.


 Tiny houses!

Tiny houses!

This was where we stayed; one of three tiny houses sitting on a hill, overlooking the fjord. Notes in the guestbook informed us that, on a lucky day, you might even see whales swimming down below from your window. As you'll see from the slideshow, the view was amazing and the inside of the tiny house was awesome, with plenty of space to relax, a kitchenette for the eats, and an awesome loft where we slept.



Sadly, we'd only scheduled one evening in the tiny homes, but we made the most of it. We headed downtown to wander, grabbing a bite to eat and then a happy hour drink, both locations which taught us a bit more about the customs of Icelandic hospitality. Surprisingly, we also found beer from Michigan's Founders Brewing Co. We wandered in search of a grocery store so we could load up on meals to make in the room. And we went back to our lodging for a rest. And we crashed. Hard.

It was what we needed, though. We woke up refreshed, made for downtown for coffee and to see the sights. Our barista patiently taught us the workings of the parking clock system in the city, but then revealed that it was a holiday, so that it didn't really matter that day.


We had the morning to explore the city and then we moved on to our next destination: Húsavík