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This is my favorite post of the year. I get to hide out in my office, headphones on, listening to all the the best in music I've stored up for the year.

And, oh, what a year it has been.

It was the year when your perfect gift idea for the U2 fan in your life, their new album, required a bit of rethinking.

It was the year the Foo Fighters elevated themselves even further. They came springing off the 2013 foundation set by my mancrush, Dave Grohl (for those keeping score, my womancrush is the Daily Show's Jessica Williams) with his documentary Sound City, creating Sonic Highways. It was a TV show, it was a rock album, it was a most excellent peek into the musical history of various cities.

And it was the year Weezer remembered how to rock, or at least, remembered how to rock in the ways I so fondly recall from Pinkerton and the Blue Album. A tongue-in-cheek apology to the haters of Weezer of late, but more importantly, a Weezer album I was proud to, no, required to turn up and rock out.

But what else was there...a lot of great music:

The Family Crest

If you follow the blog even semi-regularly, then you probably saw more than a few posts about The Family Crest and their great album, Beneath The Brine. Here's my favorite track from the album, Love Don't Go:

Moby- The Perfect Life

Moby brought my favorite music video for The Perfect Life where he, along with The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, as they wandered a city in mariachi outfits, bringing love, collecting friends, and culminating in a rooftop dance party. Check it:

Mosno Al-Moseeki

I head the pleasure of meeting Mosno Al-Moseeki while interviewing him on the podcast for his album, Novella. Not only was he an excellent person to chat with and someone I hope to continue to get to know, but Novella is one of the more unique and entertaining albums I've come across. The concept project was inspired by Mosno’s own migration from Sudan to Baltimore, but it speaks to the migratory experience we all share when moving from world to world. The music, which features a worldly variety of sounds, is accompanied by narration (by my good friend, Kevin Johnson Jr.) between each track, telling the tale of the journey. Check out one of my favorite tracks, Land and Sea:

Sons Of Bill

Sons of Bill brought some new rock, toying again with their sound to bring the excellent Love & Logic. Check out the track Bad Dancer below and hear my interview with James of the band on the podcast, Episode 28.

Ages And Ages

It's hard to believe this album came out this year, as it seems like I've been playing it forever. I don't really do a regular "album of the year" thing, but if I did, it would certainly be a tie between Mosno's Novella and Ages And Ages lovely Divisionary. Check out the title track:

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

The Peacemakers were back and sounding strong with the newest album, The Independent. I'd go as far as saying this is their best work since Americano. Of course, I can never forget that this was the year I got to meet Roger and interview him for the podcast. My adventure with Dylan on our journey to Chicago, finally arriving to meet and chat with Roger himself, and then catching their live show that was the experience of a lifetime.

Veruca Salt

And finally, what was for me the biggest news of the music year, the powerful return of Veruca Salt! The news came in 2013 that the original line-up had reunited and we'd all been waiting anxiously for, well, anything. And we got a lot. The Record Store Day exclusive vinyl, two new songs, a rockin' tour (man oh man, never was there a moment like standing in Lincoln Hall in Chicago and seeing a grinning Nina & Louise hit the stage), and announcements of a new album in the works! It's almost too much for this music nerd to handle.

So there ya go...another fantastic year in music. Be safe this evening and cheers to all the excellent tunes coming in 2015!

Here's to life!


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