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Monday Music- Japandroids- The House That Heaven Built

Let's put aside that they've got the best band name ever (though, really, why would you?).

The House The Heaven Built is an anthem (I'm speaking, of course, of the definition of 'anthem' as a song of celebration, not so much in the music theory/religious context).  Celebration Rock could not be a more appropriate name for an album containing this song (and did I mention they sell it on 180 Gram White vinyl?  They do!).

It is a celebration.  The calling during the chorus of "oh oh oh oh ohohohoh!" is the verbal equivalent of the handclap (and there's never a bad time for handclaps or their kin).

The song is broken and sinewy and none of the parts are where they're supposed to be and that's exactly how it should be.  And, also, it just





Japandroids.  The House That Heaven Built.  Celebration Rock.

Celebrate it.  Rock it.


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