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Tales From a Scene: BoDeans @ The Acorn, After Hours record release party

Though many of us had a few days off this Labor Day weekend, the local music and art scene was still working hard. Between this year's YART, visits back home from the likes of Hero Jr. and Eli Kahn, and the usual great live music from The Livery to River Saint Joe to downtown South Bend, there was no shortage of fun.

Check out photos below from two great events: BoDeans during their visit to Three Oak's The Acorn and the Rocki Button party in downtown South Bend celebrating the new record by After Hours, with a performance by the band and a dance party by DJ Chuck Fry:

(BoDeans, The Acorn, Three Oaks. Photos by Justin Flagel)

(After Ours & DJ Chuck Fry, The Rocki Button, South Bend. Photos by Justin Flagel)

Cheer! Here's to life!


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