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June 4th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

if you're out there,i hope that you're okay


Hey world!

It feels so wonderful and summer-y outdoors. As I write this Thursday night, I'm headed to yet another event in Niles. Out in public. With people! And a band! It will be over by the time you read this, but I'm sure we'll have had a grand time.

Here's your virtual mix tape and some other fun stuff.

Take care!


Reads of the Week:

Great info. Happy Pride!

Seems like a great policy change.

See my above comment. That legacy admissions is a thing is infuriating.

Regardless of party or political philosophy, the continued effort to make voting harder and discourage citizens from voting should frighten all of us.


Links and More:

Fascinating discussion on the terms that define us and how they, sometimes frustratingly, vary and evolve.

I can only hope that this anti-democratic fight is a losing one.

"this history that we are made to feel happened in the Jurassic age, almost, is something that they lived through"


WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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