we live in two americas...

We live in two Americas. The statistics comparing the lived white and black experiences are staggering and undeniable, whether it be housing, education, medical care, or the frequency and nature of law enforcement encounters. White and Black Americans use drugs at almost exactly the same rates, yet the law falls most heavily on the bodies of people of color. Pollution, struggling schools, and housing disparities all fall with more impact on Black Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to attack communities of color more than white communities. The existence of those two communities as separate entities is itself a result of white supremacy.

We can't confront a thing when we can't even acknowledge it exists. If you find yourself pushing back on these ideas, because you don’t believe it is a problem, because you believe you’re “one of the good ones”, then I urge you to further educate yourself. No one gets a pass for their political affiliation. Nobody is free of responsibility by simply rejecting racist ideas within themselves. We must act against them in our culture and institutions. We have much work to do, white America.


Please seek out these resources and get to know the history and impact of race in America and explore ways you can act.