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Anywhere The Needle Drops: Episode 240004: Call Me Malcolm

Call Me Malcolm is a ska punk band hailing from England, making this the 3rd time a guest has hopped (virtually) across the big waters to join us on Anywhere The Needle Drops.

Musicians who have earned the respect of the bands they once (and still) idolized, they are bringing us their latest album, Echoes & Ghosts, on March 1st!

Lucias Malcolm and Mark Farthing of the band hang out with Justin to discuss their history in music and ska punk, the dangers of unorganized playlists, secret clubs, and awkwardly hugging Goldfinger.

included song:  we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness

official website(s): 

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube:

Theme music by Hero Jr.

Sound and production by Paul Klimson of Theory One Productions


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