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Give Me That Night You Were Already In Bed...

I never need much of an excuse to share a track from Japandroids. I've been blasting a lot of their 2012 album Celebration Rock, so it seems like a good time to toss Younger Us up here.

give me that night you were already in bed, said fuck it, got up and drank with me instead

The rebellion and the dedication to adventure in that line speaks volumes. It also reminds me of a particular experience where I did just that, receiving a call from friends from my high school days, Lisa and Danielle, in our home town for the annual impromptu class reunion, The Bridgman Street Dance. I had been in bed when the call came, but after a moment of hesitation, I dragged myself out from the covers, clothed up, and hit the sidewalk. There were no regrets that night.

Japandroids have a number of excellent releases, including a few great pieces on vinyl. Check those out at and iTunes.


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