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This Was Supposed to Be A WQPM

There will be no Weekly Quick Pick Mix this week. In light of the events in Washington DC on Wednesday, it seems wrong to attempt to return to "business as normal" so quickly.

Well, we're back.

While I didn't have a plan for my first post of the new year, I certainly didn't expect it to be one written in the wake of attempted insurrection in the capitol of the United States. So this is where we are.

I'm at a loss to come up with many new words about this moment, so I'll settle for sharing those words that came to me in the immediate aftermath of the events on Wednesday:

I keep thinking of all the dangers we warned of when this president got into office and how they were continually dismissed, how the line of decency was continuously moved and how we were still dismissed.

To those who hold roles in leadership in the political realm (at all levels) and yet remained silent through the last four years, this is what you've sown. This was never politics as usual. Leadership matters. That’s why this man was always dangerous. That’s why your silence was always dangerous.

To those who enabled this president, who followed his lead or let him slide because it was politically expedient or profitable, I hope this is finally the moment where you reconsider. How anyone can support this man, regardless of your party or political philosophy, is beyond me. Is this America being "great"?

I'll add this: we cannot afford to allow this to be the yet another moment that breezes past, becoming a part of the new normal. We should all be contacting our representatives at all levels of government, expressing that this is unacceptable and demanding that consequences be delivered to those involved.

Oof. This is supposed to be a post about music.

Take care. Stay vigilant. The fight is not over. This is not normal. This is not the end. Take care of yourselves and of each other. Now let's get back out there.


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