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November 12th, 2021

The Red Chuck Précis

(Weekly lyrics from th1rt3en/The Magician)


Hey all!

Another week has passed and we move quickly toward the season of holidays.

Here in Niles, I'm working hard on our monthly Main Street Third Thursday event, our first since the real cool down in temperatures. I'll be DJing and hanging out with the folks of local radio station U93 at the Niles Outdoor Downtown Experience. After that, it will be nearly Thanksgiving, time for the annual Thanksgiving Day Run, one of my favorite events, and right into Small Business Saturday, where we celebrate all that local business has to offer.

Be sure to support your locally, small businesses as you shop for the holidays (or anything else).

As always, as you find favorite tunes in your weekly mix tape, be sure to find all of those bands on Bandcamp or wherever else they may reside and buy that music.

Take care!



Made You A Mix

Weekly Virtual Mix Tape: November 12th, 2021

The Red Chuck Weekly Virtual Mix Tape playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately.

Available on Spotify & Apple Music.

After discovering your new favorites, be sure to support those bands on Bandcamp or their websites by purchasing that music.


Made You A List

A collection of links & reads I've been sticking in my brain the past week.

This makes me think a bit differently about the villains in our stories.

Why, indeed.

"people's productivity went up"

"you just have to listen to employees"

“Some of it just means reexamining tradition…what do we want the office for?”

"if you are calling it your company family, it's a toxic family."

A reminder that most people receiving assistance are not "abusing the system", but working, often multiple jobs and just barely getting by. As the richest country in the world, there's no reason we should let children live in poverty, especially when we've shown again and again that children that are given a helping hand usually become those successful citizens with the the ability to contribute when they're adults.

I'm thankful he voted "Yea" on the bill. He's my member of Congress, but I'm not Fred's biggest fan. In fact, I imagine there's a sticky note with my name on it hanging in his St. Joe office due to my numerous calls and messages to him. Still, he's on the right side of history from time to time, and even when I disagree, threats to his life and well being are unacceptable. We have to be better than this, America.


The Red Chuck Précis is a weekly blog including my recent thoughts, a virtual mix tape playlist (available on Spotify & Apple Music), and a list links, reads, & other interesting things I've found from around the Web. Also available as an email newsletter.


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