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come as you are however broken and we will see if we can make you whole again

November 19th, 2021

The Red Chuck Précis

(Weekly lyrics from Zach Bryan/Come As You Are)


Hey world!

A quick programming note: there will be no Red Chuck Précis next week, as I'll be busy celebrating the holiday and prepping for various local community events, including Small Business Saturday.

If you're local, make sure you head down to the NODE in Niles on Small Business Saturday (November 27th), where I will be spinning holiday tunes and running around town helping create an awesome environment of fun holiday spirits in my favorite city.

I'll be back after the holiday break and, oh boy, we're going to be diving into the end of year lists! Oh, 2021, we hardly knew ye.

Also, you should definitely check out the Nelson Family Radio Hour on Monday, Nov. 22nd at 7:15pm EST. You may even see someone you know.

Until then, have a safe and happy holiday (if you celebrate it) and have a safe and happy week or so regardless.



Made You A Mix

Weekly Virtual Mix Tape: November 19th, 2021

The Red Chuck Weekly Virtual Mix Tape playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately.

Available on Spotify & Apple Music.

After discovering your new favorites, be sure to support those bands on Bandcamp or their websites by purchasing that music.


Made You A List

A collection of links & reads I've been sticking in my brain the past week.

I'm equal parts "ya'll did this to yourself by courting extremism" and "this is insane and I continue to worry about my country".

This process continues to fascinate me.

As a Michigander, it's difficult to not be a little sad about this.

See my above comments. I'm not a huge fan of Cheney's political philosophies, but I'm glad she's trying to be a voice of reason in her party.

This, though replace "over a decade" with "multiple decades". I love my Livejournal peeps.

A damn good listen.


The Red Chuck Précis is a weekly blog including my recent thoughts, a virtual mix tape playlist (available on Spotify & Apple Music), and a list links, reads, & other interesting things I've found from around the Web. Also available as an email newsletter.


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