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Selected Poems

Selected Poems is likely my favorite cut from the most recent album by The Gaslight Anthem, Get Hurt.

The entire album is an excellent evolution from the band, building upon their roots in Jersey punk and Americana lyricism, but Selected Poems is a track that has been routinely played and replayed since it joined my digital playlist last summer.  It's gentle "honey bee" beginnings lure you in, but only for a moment before throwing you into the turbulence in both the music and the lyrics of Brian Fallon. If I have any complaint about the song, it's simply that it's too short, always leaving me hoping the guitars tearing in at 2:06 are just the beginning of the ride. Still, that's why they make the "replay" button. Check it:

If you haven't yet picked up the Get Hurt album, you can grab it on iTunes. If this is your first exposure to TGA, I definitely suggest diving into the back catalog, a small library without a bad option in it.


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