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Sunken City

Over the years, my friends and family have come to consider me the guy to whom they send cool music they encounter. I'm especially happy with this role when I get something like David Wirsig's Sunken City EP (sent by friend P. Drake). It's a collection that contains so many of my favorites in music.

The entire EP keeps a consistent theme (I'll let you dig in and discover it naturally, as I had the pleasure of doing). Extended pieces such as this are not as common in our culture's current reversion to the single-driven music world, so I'm always pleased to encounter an album that really exists as a whole.

The build is constructed across a sound not immediate as an obvious match for the subject matter, yet still fitting upon reflection. Instrumental tracks bleed into song, a favorite move of mine in album structure. The title track, Sunken City, is a melancholy anthem, with naked drum beats and guitar strums that cut straight to the heart.

The entire EP is available from purchase at David Wirsig's Band Camp and, at a Name Your Price rate, you can hardly go wrong.


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