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The Winter Song

Winter gets a bad rap.  The season been given many labels:

.               cold                        .

.                           .                                      .                         WINDY   .

.                                                 .                                                  .

.                     .                             m     i     s    e     r           .                       .

.                            .                         .                              a    b     l     e                 .


For me, though, Winter has it's charms.

It's the time we turn inward.

We cozy up...sometimes with others, sometimes with only ourselves, a warm blanket, and a book.  We sip our tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) from the inside as the wind blows and the snow covers the outside.

It's a time to slow things down, to reflect on the year that is nearing it's end, and to plan for the betterment of the year to come.

I'm paraphrasing Julia Cameron and The Artist's Way when I say that "winter is spring for the soul."

I have the benefit of living near enough to work to walk and I do so most days, even in the blustery, Michigan winter time.  Even before moving to our current home, I was always fond of winter time hikes in the sand dunes of Lake Michigan.  There's magic in the air when you walk out in the winter weather, especially in the darkness of the evening.  Snow falls.  Chimneys churn.  The houses glow.

One song always brings me to that magic, motivates me to pull on my boots and gloves, ignore the urge to hibernate, and get outside.  That song is Eisley's The Winter Song:

The Winter Song comes from Eisley's 2003 EP, Marvelous Things (out of print, but still available digitally)

You can check out a recent sampler from Eisley at NoiseTrade and get their latest album, Currents, on sale for the holidays ($5!) at the Eisley webstore.


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