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To Rock And Roll We'll Always Be True

Sure, it's dipped back into the cold and the wind is as fierce as it's been in months.  But the chafing motion of air is just a sign of the battle, Spring's vibrance, declaring possibility and life renewed, wrestling the harsh algor and the freezing suppression.  Growth, renewal, and vitality are aboard the train and heading our way.  Sayonara, Winter.

The sun and warmth have been well timed, as I've found myself on the road more often in recent days than normal.  We travel in threes, the sun, my radio, and me.  It seemed only fitting to ring in the new day with a little action from Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.  I chose to start my journey with "All Over The Radio":

The resounding guitars and the warmth of the horns is a call to love, life, and rock and roll.  It should be noted that there is no "too loud" for this track (though, please, consider your neighbors...perhaps invite them to dance and sing along...I find offering a beverage is helpful).

The Spring isn't the only thing bringing the new our way, as the Peacemakers are unleashing a new album on us.  The Independent hits April 29th, but if that wait is too long, you can pre-order right now and get instant gratification from the instant download of "Right Where We Want 'Em".  Be sure to check out the bundles, as they include everything from vinyl to the RCPM Glyph pendant decorated with a guitar string from Mr. Clyne himself.  Check it all out at the Peacetime Goods Store:


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