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You Have Your Voice

On the profound advice of "you need to learn to be uncomfortable...", I set out in 2022 to push my own boundaries. I finally finished a long in-the-works writing project, shared with others, and found not only positive feedback, but collaborators and supporters. I worked on a movie crew a while back. I just performed an audition to act in a movie, because why the fuck not? I've pushed myself in hobbies, relationships, and creative works.

Last night, I saw one of the heroes of my younger years and their advice was this: As long as you're here, you have your voice. None of us know how long we'll be here, so get out there and use it.

We've all got a voice. It might come out in the way you make a pizza or through some form of art. It might show itself in your garden or in the care you show for your loved ones and your fellow humans. Whatever your voice, use it. Share it.


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