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Wait, what's that song?

Last night, Kristin and I escaped the house on a mission to resupply her craft operation, throw a little money around the book store, and, most importantly, escape the pressures of the past week with a little dining and adult beverage intake.

Coupons (yeah, we're those people) led us to one of usual spots, the local Granite City Brewery. The food is usually pretty good, the beer is always flowing, and I had an empty growler, so why the heck not? Plus, the bartender knows us. Yeah, we're those people too.

And then it happened. The overhead speakers projected a song I recognized, but couldn't place. Our bartender could have sought the answer for me at any moment, but I was sure I could figure it out on my own.

I didn't.

When I finally decided to give up my musical pride, our tender was no longer available, so I turned to Kristin. Sadly, as GC tends to play a more eclectic selection, Kristin didn't recognize the song and turned back to her food, leaving me in desperation.

With the song now over, our bartender returned, but she broke my heart with her response that she could only view the current song.

I was obsessed the rest of the evening. Kristin would turn to me to ask about this purchase or to have me hold that item, but my face would be in my phone, utilizing the various tools available for such situations. It wasn't until 1am, when we had returned home and started watching Ex Machina (dude, watch it!), that something finally clicked and I mumbled out some lyrics that DuckDuckGo recognized. The culprit:

Crisis averted.


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