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January 22nd Weekly Quick Pick Mix

if the moon was the light of last call i'd order and take my sweet time

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! It's time for some tunes!

What's happened since we last spoke?

Well, Kristin and I finished the entirety of the Fast & The Furious movie series, which is not something I ever would have expected to say pre-COVID. That being said, I have no regrets. Those movies know exactly what they are and they do it without regret. Those movies are about three things: cars, charisma, and being more bonkers than the last movie.You get cars fighting cars. Cars fighting airplanes. Cars fighting a nuclear sub on the Arctic ice! Perhaps the events of the past few years have worn the snob from within me, because I'm about all of this fun.

What else...oh, hey! Garbage President is no longer! It's a huge relief to go back to the work of improving society without wondering if today is the day that society ends. The departure of 45 is a fantastic event that removes much of the daily tension from our lives, but it's not an excuse to sit back and consider the work done. The roots of the ugliness of the past four years still exist. Let's keep on working to dig them out and make the world better for us all.

Today's mix is a blend of new stuff, some old stuff that was new to me (albums from bands I love that I'd never checked out), and just a scattering of tunes cycling through my ears this week.

Take care, all. Enjoy!

WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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