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April 10th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

We're still here.

I've seen calls for people who have downtime during the pandemic to turn it toward creativity, writing that thing, recording that production, drawing that picture. I've seen calls saying "you don't have to be productive, it's okay to just be." I've seen calls to use your time to reconnect with friends and family and I've seen calls to use your time to jump into activism and better your world. And there's plenty of us just as busy as before all this, but in a whole new way.

I think they're all correct. If all you can do is just get through today, then that's a worthy goal. If you've got a little extra to do the rest, make your choices well, cuz all we've got is time. Remember those folks out there on the line, whether they're bringing your mail, fixing the water, or saving lives in hospitals. Remember the communities hit harder by these things than your own community. And remember you.

What are you gonna do with time after you've bought the farm?

John Prine 1946-2020

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