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May 7th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

don't bite your lip or grit your teeth, just count to ten and try to breathe


Hello humans, dogs, cats, and other friendly creatures!

The weeks rush on at a speed I can hardly understand. The past four to five years have often felt mired by difficult current events, yet somehow, I blink and years have passed. There's no stopping time, but at least we have music to dance us down those tracks.

This current moment, however fleeting, does seem to be a positive one. As more of us get vaccinated and treatments improve, I see the signs of community activity poking out. I see...what's this? New movies available to watch on my Apple TV? They make those again? I see nights with friends and travel. I even see the hopeful signs of live music later in the year.

We're getting there, my friends. Keep your guards up, but we're getting there.

That past couple of weeks have seen fantastic releases in the music world, so you'll find some of that in this week's mix, along with a few old favorites. Enjoy:


Reads of the Week:

I am a member of no party, but the chances of my ever supporting the GOP continue to dwindle. It baffles me how the party of personal freedom can justify what is largely voter suppression, but I guess, as the article suggests, they're running out of other ways to win. Perhaps, maybe update your message? Just a thought.

"Republicans’ “solution” is to keep these voters at a fever pitch, sell them on fear and resentment, and to try to maximize their share of the electorate by making it harder for everyone else to vote — especially non-Whites and low-income Americans."

Man, this stuff is hard to deal with. We've gotta make a change.

I now experience this terrible show solely through the reviews of Erik Kain and I believe my life is better for it.

I've been reengaging with professional wrestling a lot lately, so this was a fun (occasionally inaccurate) summary of the history of the industry.


Links and More:

An informative, if not slightly depressing listen (it didn't have to be this bad).

"We flattened the curve earlier in the pandemic in the absence of a vaccine. We did that with good public health and we did that with prevention. The vaccine was supposed to come in in addition to all of those other layers of protection and be the thing that tipped the scale. The mistake that we made is that we started to peel back some of those other strategies that had us flatten the curve in the first place, expecting the vaccine to carry an undue should have happened in addition to all the good public health and prevention strategies. Replacing some of those strategies with the vaccine, I do think was a mistake."

I'm a huge Billy the Kid/Lincoln County War nerd, so this excites me to no end.

In the vein of my wrestling viewing above, I recently rewatched this classic match.

The actors who played the fictional Soprano siblings, Rob Iler & Jamie-Lynn Sigler, are friends so many years later. They have a podcast (with another friend). It's called Pajama Pants. That's all.


Dammit, take care of each other.

Here's to life!

WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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