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June 11th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

some kids move because their parents take new jobs, some kids move ʼcause of napalm



As you'll see from the reads and listens below, I've got concerns, friends. I've got concerns. We got the con man out of office, but we're far from a victory lap. Pick your issue and get to work: racial justice, the attack on voting rights and democratic values, the remaining challenges from COVID-19 and our emergence into the world beyond it. Listen to great music and have some fun, but we still have to keep working.

Take care, all. Of you and of those around you.


Reads of the Week:


Yeah, nope. Fuck this.

“They feel like we’re not working if they can’t see us.”

That quote seems to say it all. I wonder/hope if it's simply a generational trait, cuz in many jobs, if the work was not getting done, I feel like the bosses would know regardless of whether they were seeing an employee's butt in a chair. I also continue to encounter this idea that remote work damages company culture, to which I say; I don't want or need a culture where I work. I want to work and get paid so I can find my culture elsewhere. There's an interesting listen on this topic from Freakonomics down below. This conversation in our culture continues to fascinate me.

Interesting thoughts. Personally, I continue to see concerns over this sort of thing in the world and in the media, but I don't see much of the actual things happening. Is this really a problem?

And, yep, get ready for it. I'm going to continue to be concerned about the GOP's seeming desire to destroy any piece of democracy that may stop them from winning (as opposed to, you know, maybe just adjusting their message to what the people want). This is a problem. We should all be worried and fighting:

"...the Republican Party refuses to investigate because at the bottom of that investigation, they would find a mirror."

  • “When 32% of voters get to dictate policy, that's not democracy.”

  • "The single biggest reason Republicans can pursue anti-democracy positions is that they can win control of federal and state governments with minorities of the vote."

  • "CBS News poll released earlier this month found that 53% of Republicans said the party should focus on messaging to expand its appeal to win more elections. In contrast, 47% said the party should focus on changing voting rules to try to win with the voters it has, and make voting harder for citizens aligned with the opposition."

  • "A government where the 32% can overrule the 56% (especially on legislation that would hold insurrectionists and anti-democrats to account) is not a legitimate government."


Links and More:

“But maybe it's not good for democracy when one party doesn't have to try to win the most votes in a presidential election.”

I recognize that some people get their community from work. But not as many as people seem to think

The path to the healthy handling of our physical bodies comes from information, education, and inclusion. Sex should not be demonized. Sex education should not be used to passively or actively demonize Queer students. We have to grow up, America.

“We have to heal from individualism.”


WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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