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June 18th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

hold me love and tell me lies


Hey hey!

One of my favorite responses to those who complain about things in their community is "hey, it's so awesome you're interested in improving things, I know some volunteer opportunities you can jump into right now."

Sadly, I'm often met with silence.

Listen, we all do it. We're all guilty of complaining about the problems of our world, whether it be to our friends and family, by hopping on social media, or by writing our legislative representatives over and over and over (I'm sorry, Congressman Fred Upton).

There is a place for complaint. But if it's not followed with action, then it's meaningless.

The people you see out there in public service are largely out there for the best of reasons, trying against all odds to make things wonderful in the world for everyone. So as you see the things you'd like to change, please, consider taking those very legitimate concerns and feelings and directing their energy into joining the fight.

We're here with open arms. Join us. Let's get to work. Together we rise.

Enjoy your new mixtape. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy each other.


Reads of the Week:

Good news and long overdue. Your move, US.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let’s make this more than just a holiday. It also needs to be a part of a reckoning within our community.

This Harvard Radcliffe Institute study is actually a few months old, but it only recently came across my reading. This information is important as we discuss the protests and our reactions to them.

A great read about one of my favorite bands.

“When we put on flag bandanas and declare ourselves new American insurgents, we are appealing to a very specific American lineage – to a path paved by abolitionists, suffragettes, freedom riders, labor unions, and movements of marginalized peoples building solidarity based in compassion.”

Really cool info and some fascinating results.

"...evidence so far suggests that getting a basic income tends to boost happiness, health, school attendance, and trust in social institutions, while reducing crime."

“...the dividend had no effect on employment.”

Similar info and similar results.

"...full-time employment rose among those who received the guaranteed income and that their financial, physical and emotional health improved."

"...gave people the dignity to make their own choices, the ability to live up to their potential and improved economic stability."

"...guaranteed income can alleviate stress and provide the financial security needed to find good jobs and avoid debt."

"...research and trials from the previous three decades did not indicate that $500 a month would discourage people from working."


Links and More:

Possibly my favorite album of this year so far. The music is amazing and the stories behind the songs are even better.

Humans, we're so hard on each other. We must find another way.

“All violence is an attempt to replace shame with self-esteem”

“We’ve created a world where the smartest way to survive is to be bland.”

Oof. White people. We have work to do. Lots of cringe-worthy comments in those voicemails. That white support for racial justice is lower today than BEFORE the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd is maddening.

“it’s not going out on a limb to say that murder is bad”

Good tips for all of us, really.

I've been doing some self-work in this area and found this very helpful.

I guess I've been listening to a lot of Like Kit lately.


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