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July 30th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

we're gonna stay here till we soothe our souls


Hey world!

Summer is in full swing. It's been wonderful attending outdoors events, whether it be live music, kickball games, farmer's markets, community events, or fundraisers. Not so wonderful...keeping an eye on the COVID-19 situation, the Delta variant, and the disappointing vaccine rates & related fall out.

I don't know how we reach people who have prioritized a political & cultural identity over science, but we've got to figure it out. I don't think attacking those people helps matters, though I understand the feeling when it seems like there's nothing else to do and the answers seem to obvious.

I don't know.

All we can do is continue to reach out and do the work in as positive a manner as possible.

Keep it up. Take care. And always listen to great music. Here's a few tunes to get you rolling.


Reads of the Week:

K and I just recently rewatched this movie after it's famous long shots came up in a conversation. Coincidentally, the movie had it's 15th anniversary, so I came across other discussion on the Web.

Speaking of those amazing long shots, here's a bit of discussion and breakdown on them:

and all of the long shots form the film, collected:

The consequences of pollution and climate change are now.

Chew on these stats:

“Since districts were last drawn in 2011, law enforcement officers have killed a person in every one of them.”

“The Ruderman Foundation estimates that anywhere from a third to half of all police uses of force involve a civilian living with some kind of disability (mental or physical).”

“...nearly a quarter of the people killed by the police since 2015 have had confirmed signs of mental illness.”

An interesting look at security for our devices.

And the best practices document: NSA Mobile Device Best Practices


Links and More:

Jennifer Briney killing it again. The CD podcast is a fascinating show in which Briney takes a deep dive on a piece of legislation or other Congressional action. The details she brings to the surface are enlightening, challenging, and, sadly, often frustrating. It's important to know what our lawmakers are up to and this show remains an important part of that toolbox.

Does what we do as individuals matter in regards to the massive challenge of climate change? HtSaP explores both sides of this argument and leaves me feeling...hopeful? Yes, actually. Hopeful.


WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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