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October 22nd Weekly Quick Pick Mix

i've never been so lost, i've never felt so much at home


Howdy folks!

First, here's a picture of Alice, just because:

Kristin and I are packing for a brief trip to Cincinnati. Andrew McMahon (featured with his band, Something Corporate, on your mix below) is touring and we decided to catch him there and spend the weekend enjoying the city.

I've been working on a writing project, my first feature film length script. I've been working on the thing for a long damn time and I finally announced that I'd be handing it off to people for feedback at the end of this month, regardless of where I am in the rewriting process. Otherwise, I believe I could keep working on it until society collapsed around us. Which, depending on your view of things, might be sooner rather than later. Regardless, I've lit a fire under myself so I can finally get this thing to the next phase.

That project has been part of an overall move in my life to adjust some priorities. I returned from my trip to Alaska a couple months back with a broken sleep schedule and a wonderful disconnect to my routines and the routines of the world around me. I was forced to piece things back together and, in the process, realized there are a few things I'm just going to leave lying where they are. Life is short and I can be guilty of stretching myself thin, so I'm honing in on what matters and leaving the rest behind.

I've been producing a new podcast with my friend Dylan, Uncaged, where we've been watching the works of actor Nicolas Cage on-by-one, in order (mostly) and discussing them. Check that out here (and all of your favorite podcasting services):

It was timely that I came across this episode of NPR's Life Kit podcast, in which how we manage our time is discussed, not in a "let's be super efficient and learn how to squeeze it all in" kinda way, but in a "I can do this much and that's just fine and I should be cool with that" mindset. I've listened to it twice and have it queued up to drop into my ears again sometime in the near future, because it's that valuable of a listen. Check it out: Life Kit Podcast: You can't control time, but you can change your relationship with the clock

And once you've done that, check out your weekly virtual mix tape and some interesting reads and links I've collected for you this week.

See ya'll next week. Take care.



Reads & Links of the Week:

"Why they didn’t assume he was sick?" Exactly.

A complicated figure.

I was wondering about this effect when we watched the movie the other day. Pretty cool they can do it with practical, physical effects.

"the new law was intended to give people choices"

I've heard this argument over and over, including as they were trying to push the bill into law. The problem is that the "choice" is non-existent, because it was entirely known that the law would create this kind of collapse that would remove any real choice. I would have preferred continuing to pay the highest auto insurance in the country knowing that I'd have the extra health coverage, at least until we finally get around to fixing our broken health care system.


WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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