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December 4th Weekly Quick Pick Mix

either you a part of the problem or part of the solution, what's your contribution to life

It's December! We're nearing the end of this challenging, frightening, often ugly, and certainly memorable year. As we move forward, being labeled as the "2020" of anything will surely be an insult.

Still, there were more amazing music releases than I can even remember this year. I'm currently digging through my notes and archives, working on my upcoming end of year lists, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, let's head into the weekend enjoying this new little mix I've made for you. Some old, some new, all groovy. Enjoy. Take care.

WQPM playlists are a collection of ten songs I've been listening to this week, crossing genre, era, and taste. No themes here, just the tunes I've been sticking in my ears lately. The newest Weekly Quick Pick Mix is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


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