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Tales from a Scene: The Erly at the Garage, good times at the Rocki Button, and more!

This past weekend was no shortage of fun and music in the region.

Friday, we caught dinner at LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern in South Bend. LKT is currently serving up Western themes with the Back Alley Saloon, including a themed menu of food & drink and a variety of events, including an upcoming Western Movie Double Feature and a Nerf Gun Fast Draw Tourney (who wants to face off?). Buddy Pearson was in the house, accompanied by Patti Shaffner. Daniel Deitrich was also rocking things on Friday, headlining a show across the river at Stockroom East along with Creekmore & Christian and Savannah Whitaker. Sadly, I walked in just as Dan was singing his final note, but I still had time to chat with him as he closed down.

Saturday was a full afternoon and evening. The Rocki Button hosted another pop-up event at their location on S Michigan street in South Bend.

A number of great makers and vendors were in the house, the coffee and drinks were flowing, Smashed was serving up burgers, and music was in the air from Spinnin' Dee's Vinyls and $in.

Things were still rolling a the RB, but I had to get myself over to the Garage Arcade Bar.

The Erly was making the music over at the Garage (video below), filling the room with a collection of originals and covers. It was clear from the energy in the room (not to mention the numerous Erly t-shirts) that the band had a following. I had a chance to chat with them between set breaks. They were running high from there recent Grateful Dead cover show at the Garage and were excited for a summer tour stretching them beyond the local region into cities like Cleveland and Nashville. They also mentioned that new music was in the works, with tunes hitting this summer and a 3rd album on its way.

Before I let them get back to the stage, I tossed out a simple challenge to them: to tell me, in one sentence, each of their advice for saving the world:

  • Collin: "Help your local community...kindness spreads as easy as hatred."

  • Fran: "Be nice to anyone you come into contact with...who knows what they've been going through that day...oh, and don't pollute, don't litter."

  • Trevor: "Love everyone more than yourself."

Seems like damn good advice to me.

Keep on rocking.

Here's to life!


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