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Tales from a Scene: Pride, Pride, and A Trip Through The Looking Glass

LaSalle Kitchen & Tavern continues the fun with their themed takeovers. They started the year with a tiki takeover, complete with decor and new menus of food and drink. Such the success it was that they've kept it going, with a variety of activities to match the themes. The latest and, perhaps, the curiouser of the bunch, is the current Alice In Wonderland theme.

The LKT in Wonderland takeover is going on now through July 8. There are a variety of related events, in addition to the special menus, including bourbon tasting, and, of course, their regular trivia and live music, which you can keep of over at the LKT Facebook page or Events Calendar.

Speaking of their live music, Abbie Thomas was in the house for our LKT visit, filling the room with her original tunes and cover music. You can catch her at a variety of venues in the area through the summer, including an upcoming stop through Niles at Iron Shoe Distillery. Check out the details at

Saturday, it was all about Pride. The first stop was at the South Bend Pride Festival taking place at Potawatomi Park. I was at the all day event with Wicked Pop Candle Company, helping sell their wares along with dozens of other vendors. Booths for art, fun, and information filled the park, with the soundtrack rocking from the ampitheater. Beer from Crooked Ewe and food trucks rounded out the day.

We weren't finished yet, though packed up and barely had a moment to rest before we headed to River Front Park in Niles for the first even Niles Pride Festival. Kristin was still doing the candle thing with Wicked Pop, but I had duties elsewhere, DJing the drag performances between live music from the bands WAVE and Merovingian. Love, acceptance, and joy was in the air, on full display in the photos and the videos below.

We finished the weekend with the first annual Cars, Trucks, Food and Dad...a Father's Day Cruise-in in downtown Niles.

Cheers, all!


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