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Anywhere The Needle Drops: Episode 230001: Rebel Noire

Michiana's Rebel Noire is in the house!

The frontwoman of rebel noire and the accomplices visits the Red Chuck Studio to talk about the band’s juicy concoctions of rock, soul, blues, R&B, and jazz.

We discuss the revelations both personal & creative that come out of challenging times, gush over the local music & art scene, and discover the varied ways that people play Uno.

Rottenhouse credits:

rebel noire

  • vocals/frontwoman: rebel noire

the accomplices

  • lead guitar: Abraham Medellin

  • keyboard: Devin Brewer

  • trumpet: Evan Judson

  • saxophone: Evan Krabill

  • bass guitar: Jason Brewer

  • drums: Tyrus Tucker


  • mixing and mastering: Nate Butler, Nimble Wit Production LLC, Goshen, Indiana

  • recording: Tyrus Tucker, NuNrml Productions. location: Elkhart, Indiana

Theme music by Hero Jr..

As Discussed:


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