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Anywhere The Needle Drops: Episode 230002: Jillian Speece of The Bergamot

I’m joined by Jillian Speece, one half of the indie folk rock duo, The Bergamot!

The Bergamot has been bringing energetic shows to fans across the world. Though currently based in New York, their roots are right here in Michiana, forming in South Bend in 2010 and returning regularly to the land they call home.

Jillian tells me all about the band’s award winning documentary, State of the Unity, and the story of the tour it follows, with its message of love and music. We discuss dreaming big, empathy through art, and then Jillian turns the tables to ask me plenty of her own questions.

See State of the Unity and tour dates:

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube: @‌TheBergamot

Theme music by Hero Jr.

Sound and production by Paul Klimson of Theory One Productions


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